Monday, 23 June 2014


so it's June! I mean, soon to be end of June!!! and I'll be seeing the Mister next mth~~~ time flew flew flew!

So... Mister left.. however, there's still the mister folks to impress! Here's the polo char siew bun from tim ho wan to impress the dowager~

And since my Saturdays are freed up.. I made appointment for a pampering session at Revive Wellness~ full body massage!!!!

Followed by Minced Pork Taiwanese Rice

tra lalalala~~~ and next day, it's Mother's Day and i brought her to qing hu tian teo chew restaurant at keong saik rd for yummy traditional teochew brunch introduced by Mister and his family on the day of his departure... SO YUMZ... and of coz.. reflected in price... *goodbye my love (money)~*

And i booked an appt at Covo Singapoe for a change in hairstyle!

Before I intro my new hair... here's  my old one! 

Camwhoring at its best! lol... i've tot long and hard... and decided to bid my bangs gdbye for a little while..

*snip snip snip*

and viola!

shorter, dyed chestnut and SIDE-FRINGE! sth new? lol...

Hopefully it brings me some luck... coz... I've been really sick

and my rashes just refuse to go away... =(

Halia-ed at Raffles Hotel with Amos, PS and mini

played a game of archery... which was actually pretty fun~~~ told mister that we shd really head out for some archery when he's back

liaised with some NUS students for grain distribution as well as to introduce health check to the neighbourhood.. here's me briefing

and on my way to distribute...

oh! chk out the cute winter couple slippers i gt for me and mister! hahahaha... mister say i damn childish.. bt ok wat! RIGHT

Huili and I went for our fav yellow curry softshell crab at Nara Thai (Ion)... 

and say HELLO to little Ivan!!!! the latest addition to join my little sumo in mentor's family~~~
OS: i may be small, bt i m tough!!!

volunteered for World City Summit and was really happy to be hosting the Lord Mayor of Adelaide!

Here's our selfie!

and I m really glad that Sarah, Mj and Aub were there with me~ they made the tiresome days so much better!!!!

and of coz... my power booster:

while my sons laze on~

Me Mj and olivier en route back to MBS convention centre

Mr Yarwood's farewell gifts for me

and on top of exposure, catching up with friends.. I am glad i learnt sth more abt Singapore thru my experience... the Botanical Garden, the sustainability of various cities... and even some lost interest in science... do u know, this is how a Durian flower looks like before it bcums yucky fruit tt stinks miles away?

Back in office, we had our 4junkies party!

am I glad that at the end of it all... i had dinner with my colleagues... my fav happypills at work

and my happypill off work... after a hiatus in skype tt wk~ shagged mister in Dubai

who gt XX a new middle east costume! so cute isnt it!!!!!

Rise and shy... to laopo's first gown fitting! so excited coz she's the first close friend who's getting married ni our clique!!!!!!!

After tt... head off to tong's hse for a wkend dumpling making and staycation! downloaded the KTV website and had singing session in her room!!!!

Chatted with mister on skype while they worked

and next day.. before ANOTHER round of KTV at Partyworld... we played.... kiddy rides!!!!!! we were totally judged bt HAPPY abt it!

Dinner appreciation FINALLY with Huiling and Salt after much postponement!

and salted caramel waffles is TO DIE FOR!!!! missed those days when i come often with Mister... *sniff*

as u all kn.. i hadn't been well... so i bought some health supplements...

on 20 Jun, we had Tots Committee Appreciation dinner...
and I did shadow cutting and spray tattoo! so old-school, kiddish AND I LIKE

and the highlight of the dinner HAS to be the Abalone laksa from Re! Hotel! hahahaha... i actually find the banquet pretty refreshing with the local delicacies... bt the carpark is a boooooo... coz u are parked right behind one another.. so if the car owner do not move out before u reach ur car.. u hv to wait for them to fetch their car before u can leave.. tt was wat happened to us and we sat ard in e car till e driver came~ *grumbles grumbles*

and this is also y... i was so bloody late for L4D bday party for ZR... tgt w Sam and laopo

I miss gaming with them!!! tt gt me thinking back to the days.. when i broke up temporarily with Mister... I hadnt contact Chris for pretty long during tt period.... bt she gathered ah lam, ZR, laopo, her bf... accompanied me thru a scrapbook card, watsapp, thru the wkend (despite her just started dating the bf.. she ditch him for overnight gaming w me just so i dun cry alone at night...).... but tt was also the period.. she introduced Fugly to our clique and our friendship spiralled downhill from there...  smtimes.. it only tk one rotten apple to topple a tree. i mean... i wud choose laopos, na and ni over fugly and chris, DEFINITELY... bt i really think it's a pity tt Chris came with a burden (a heavy one) and allowed her to curse, scold and insult a clique tt were so knitted tgt... *le sigh* two break-ups and these were the ppl with me... *nolstagia*

Anyhoots~ last saturday... Mini PS brought me to Artistry to try their squid ink crab burger! highly raved... and overrated.. hahahaha.. bt one thing for sure.. THERE WERE CHUNKS OF CRABMEAT! hhahahaha... bt eat it immediately when it's served.. we were bz camwhoring, chitchatting... by the second half.. it was pretty it's a pity...

I had always wanted to try windowsill pies.. and since Artistry serves them.. I ordered a tiramisu as well as the lemon strawberry tart... the tart rocked!!! so yummy and i definitely see myself gg back for more cakes!

Dont judge me.. bt after ALL THESE... we went shopping! Mini and I totally boost the Singapore economy.. while PS did a small contribution... AHAHAHAH...

A satisfied me then head off to Sheraton hotel to hv food tasting with Laopo JS folks.. tgt wif Nth Wind and hse hubby!... 

And JS was so nice to drive me home... so i had an early night... chatting with mister

Nx morning, feeling fat, i got up early for bodycombat as well as bodypump at True fitness... DAMN shag and i m STILL aching!!!! Met Laopo JS again for another round of fitting... Na and Mark joined us after... and we had yummilicious dried bak ku teh!!!!

Mama and Papa Wong had free stay at MBS again... and since i m heading to Douby Ghout for course today, I tot it's a gd idea to join them at MBS... so i rushed off to MBS... and enjoyed the pool~~~

wishing you are here with me, Mister!

Bt since i was pretty much alone... here's a selfie!

I could really get up to this view EVERYday...

so reluctant to leave for course this morning lah~~~~~~~~~

And before i end.... here's an unglam photo of me! ahahahaa.. smtimes, in life, it's all about looking at different angles.... perspective, perspective....

still missing my bangs...